Benefits Of Making Yoga Your Lifestyle


October 23, 2017

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The Ayurveda and Panchakarma Centre of Prashanthi Super Clinic uses yoga as an important method for improving the wellbeing of patients. Yoga can be used in the treatment of a wide range of illnesses as there are specific asanas that will help with conditions of not only external body parts, but even internal organs such as uterus and liver. Yoga can also improve the psychological health of a person. The benefits from yoga can depend on the asanas you choose to do regularly, the frequency in which you do yoga and for how long you have been doing yoga regularly. It is also important that you follow the postures, pace and breathing accurately. Hence, always learn yoga from an expert and follow the instructions carefully.


Some of the most obvious benefits of yoga are increased flexibility, better body posture and improvement in muscle strength. Yoga can do wonders for people with back pain whether they be because of conditions such as migraine or due to injury. The weight-bearing exercises included in yoga can improve the strength of bones and help prevent osteoporosis. The increase in blood flow created by yoga can help those with heart and kidney problems. Yoga also decreases the chances of heart attack and strokes.


Yoga can boost your immune system. This can have significant impact on your health from warding off common cold to helping to fight illnesses such as cancer. The systematic breathing practised by yoga practitioners, the increase in heartbeat that certain yoga moves encourage, and relaxation exercises can help clinically depressed patients to take control of their mind and help handle their problems without getting distressed.  Scientific studies on the effect of yoga on hypertension have proved that yoga significantly reduces high blood pressure. Yoga can also lower cortisol levels.


Patients with cholesterol and diabetes find that making yoga a part of their lifestyle reduces the need to take medication for these conditions, with several cases where patients maintain healthy levels of sugar and cholesterol without any medication. Yoga training can help patients with even a long history of insomnia, equipping them with the techniques to have a peaceful rest. Yoga, if followed meticulously, can be a much better alternative to heavy medication and often, even surgeries.

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