Back Pain- Causes, Symptoms and Relief Through Ayurveda


October 23, 2017

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Ayurveda has effective treatment methods to deal with various kinds of back pains. Prashanthi Super Clinic in Cochin has been successfully providing these treatments for the benefit of numerous patients suffering from back pains caused by a variety of reasons. Although it is a common condition or symptom, back pain can be of different kinds and its reasons may lie in the mind or body. You will also find that not all kinds of back pains are treated the same way.

Muscle or ligament strain is the most common reason for back pain. Lifting heavy objects and suddenly moving in an awkward direction can cause this kind of back pain.  But it is not likely to last very long. Although treatment can speed up the healing process, chances are that in a few weeks it will heal on its own. Problems with the disks are another common cause for back pains. A damaged disk can press on a nerve causing the pain. Arthritis and osteoporosis can also cause back pain.


Sometimes people are born with skeletal irregularities such as an abnormal curve in the spine. Although not in all cases, some of the people with skeletal irregularities experience back pain. One of the more serious spinal conditions is when the nerves in the lower back region of the spine become compressed. This is called caudaequina syndrome or CES. Back pain can be a symptom of an infection or even cancer. Some diseases of kidney are often diagnosed following the symptom of back pain.


Ayurvedic treatments focus on bringing back balance in the body by dealing with one or more of the ‘doshas’. Ayurveda has several medicines that are taken orally, such as Asthavargam, and also external treatments that come under the Panchakarma treatments. This includes different kinds of massages such as elakizhi, podikizhi, abyangasweda and pizhichil. The intensity of the pain and the condition that causes the pain will determine the choice of treatments. The treatment period can range from a few weeks to several months. Advocates of Ayurveda also suggest the use of yoga in the cure of back pain. This has been proved to be very effective in several patients.

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